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Our Vehicle Specifications

Our Vehicle Specifications

We believe in value for money, and therefore all our guests should have the most reliable and comfortable vehicles for safari tours

Our Vehicle and Design

Here are a few design ‘tweaks’ we have made to make the vehicles safari ready.

Extended and wider

We extended and widened the body of our vehicles to allow more space to move around and to get the best photographic angles without bumping into each other. Our vehicles are designed to carry 5-7 passengers.  However, we normally carry six guests maximum per vehicle. Enjoy large windows of all our vehicles.

Our vehicle windows

We made all the windows in the vehicle as large as could possibly fit.

Open roof 4WD

The roof can be removed for those who like that style so that you can stand-up and have a better vantage for animals viewing. We use roof hatches that can be removed completely. This way you have a much better all-round view as well as a view of the sky.

Open Side 4WD

Open-sided 4WD’s are used on our customized fly-in lodge and tented camp safaris.  Most open-sided 4WD’s will have a sun canopy on the top. They offer great visibility and provide unobstructed photography opportunities in every direction.

Facilities and Equipment

We have equipped all our vehicles to ensure you get the best experience and enjoyable trip while out there in the bush.


Power Converters

All our vehicles have 110v and 220v power adaptors to make it possible to charge camera, laptops and other devices you might carry with you on safari.

Keeping drinks cold.

Most of our vehicles have a small refrigerator where water and drinks can be kept cold.

Our First-aid Kit

Each of our safari vehicles has a first-aid Kit and the guide is trained to use them.

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