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Our Mission & Social Responsibilty

Social responsibility is not an add-on to our company’s mission. It is at the core: “Our mission at Mytrip Connector is to inspire, inform, and equip world travelers to have African safari trips that are affordable, fun and culturally broadening. We value travel as a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the world in which we live. We strive to keep our own travel style, our world outlook, and our business practices consistent with all these values.

Besides the good of travel itself, Mytrip Connector, and all staff engage in several areas of activism and philanthropy to help bring about greater social good.

How We Make a Difference

Because Mytrip Connector is private company owned by only two people, rather than distribute our excess profit to shareholders, we can use it to help men and women individually who are in different needs in Africa, mainly in Tanzania. We also use 20% of our profit to empower organizations that work for the common good within our community. Mytrip Connector donates to a wide array of organizations directly and through our nonprofit community partners in Tanzania. Learn how you can be involved in our giving back to the community programs.

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