Stone Town Tour

This tour starts at the main city market, which was opened in 1904, where tropical fruits. Vegetables, spices, and fresh fish from the island are sold. Our next stop will be at the Anglican Church of Christ, which was built by Bishop Steere in 1873 on the site of the old slave market. Next, to the church, you will visit the slave chambers, tiny rooms in which the slaves were kept before being auctioned. From here we continue to the Sultan?s Palace Museum, House of Wonders (Beit el Ajaib built in 1883 and bombarded by the British fleet in 1896), the Old Fort (built-in 1700). Then we drive you to the Africa House formerly an English club and come to Tippu Tip House (a notorious slave trader), Museum of Natural History, and Peace Memorial Museum. We round up our tour by walking through the narrow streets where you will find exotic bazaars, curio, and antique shops which offer novelty gifts and attractive batik materials. Here one gets a comprehensive view of the Stone houses, which have Arab/ Indian carved doors and the architecture which helps to make Zanzibar famous.